New Food Truck Rolls Out Today in Near Southside Fort Worth

by Kevin Buchanan | Fortworthology |

FORT WORTH — The newest example of Fort Worth’s slowly growing food cart/truck culture arrives today in the Near Southside.

Cheesy Food Truck will be serving up a series of creative cheese-centric dishes (including a grilled mac & cheese sandwich and the “mashed potato martini”) out of a bright orange truck at 1614 Mistletoe, across the street from Baylor All Saints hospital and right down the street from the offices of Fort Worth South, Inc. Cheesy Food Truck says they’re hoping to open the serving window at 11 a.m., and the goal is to be open through 7 p.m.

Other cities like Austin and Portland are finding gourmet food trucks to be a big help in redeveloping urban neighborhoods, as they create pockets of “instant urbanism” — creating walkable destinations and providing creative outlets for local entrepreneurs without the overhead of a full-up restaurant (and places like Austin and Portland are finding that the food cart/truck culture doesn’t hurt the full restaurants — they complement each other nicely). Food carts and trucks are more difficult in Fort Worth, due to a series of tighter regulations. We would support seeing City Hall relax the regulations on food carts and trucks in the designated Urban Villages like 7th Street and Magnolia, South Main, and the like.

A big welcome to Cheesy Food Truck — we hope Fort Worth’s food cart/truck culture continues to grow and evolve.