New Orleans, LA: Going to this Week’s Baton Rouge Food Truck Wround Up?

By Rebecca Alexander | 


Wednesdays are semi-celebratory in south Louisiana. Why? Because it’s hump day–the halfway marker for the work week. And around here, many strive and work hard in an effort to live the good life when the work day halts.

The Baton Rouge Food Truck Wround Up honors that with its weekly corral of street food offerings, from Curbside Burger to Taco de Paco, GoYaYa’s and many more. Tonight’s Wround Up starts at 5 p.m. in the front lot of Oakleigh Apartments (11580 Perkins Road).

The Wround Up, with its delicious fare and convivial crowd, reminds me that I’m halfway to the weekend, but there’s no shame in getting started early.

If you have a favorite Baton Rouge food truck experience, please share in the comment stream below! I’ll be sure to re-share it with others in a post tomorrow.

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