New York, NY: Break The Ramadan Fast With A FREE Meal From The MoneyGram Iftar Food Truck

By NYSF Contributor  |  New York Street Food


It’s gotta be tough for Muslim food vendors during Ramadan. They cook all day in hot food carts and trucks, but cannot eat or even drink a sip of water water during the day. Here’s a way to enjoy a FREE meal that someone else is cooking.

Iftar is the evening meal where Muslims break their daylight fast during Ramadan. MoneyGram is giving away FREE meals for iftar each night through Wed (8/7).

Click through for the locations where you can enjoy these meals.

MoneyGram is sponsoring this food truck, and the first 500 people eat for FREE at the MoneyGram Iftar food truck in New York tonight!

This is where the truck will be tonight through Wednesday.