New York, NY: Street Eats – The Spicy Redneck From Crif Dogs

(credit: NYSF)

By Contributor |  New York Street Food

(credit: NYSF)
(credit: NYSF)

Just before the holidays, we had a NYSF First Look at the new Crif Dogs truck. That was a tsunami we enjoyed.

Crif Dogs are beloved by many people, who frequent their two locations on St. Marks Place and in Williamsburg. Now they have a food truck, too.

We stopped by again for a 2nd Look a while back, but we’ve been behind in writing up reviews.

For the 2nd Look, we went for a Spicy Redneck, which costs $6. With a name like that, how can you pass it up?

A plain Crif Dog is $5, and all the other choices with various toppings are $6.

The hot dogs at Crif Dogs are a mixture of beef and pork. Their signature preparation is deep-frying, which makes the outside crispy, and the inside still retains its juices.

The Spicy Redneck is a bacon-wrapped hot dog topped with chili, jalapeños and coleslaw.

(credit: NYSF)
(credit: NYSF)

With the chili, then slaw piled on, it was difficult to get our mouth around the entire bun. The first bite was slaw, chili, bacon and the top half of the hot dog. On the second one, we were able to bite the entire thing.

The Spicy Redneck was a cornucopia of flavors – creamy…spicy…crispy…meaty. Definitely a fun doggie to scarf down.

The combo of bacon and chili is great, add some slaw for crunch and jalapeños for heat, and you have it made in the shade.

Just when the Crif Dogs truck was getting going, they seem to have pulled off the road. Hopefully as the weather gets nicer, we’ll see them back on the street regularly.

We suggest you follow Crif Dogs on Twitter here or on our Mobile MunchiesTwitter feed. Then you’ll know when they return, and you can keep up with their retail outlets too.