NOT Guilty Verdict: Food Trucks Still Need Zoning Approval

Owners of Beach Fries in Fredricksburg, VA

By Michael Theis | Fredricksburg Patch

NOT GUILTY! Owners of Beach Fries in Fredricksburg, VA

In the wake of a not guilty verdict relating to zoning violations, Fredericksburg’s City Attorney says the owners of the Got Beach Fries food vending truck still have to get the approval of the city before setting up on private property.

“When a mobile food truck sets up somewhere, there are public concerns generated, like, has he set up on parking spaces that are already required for the use of the property where he is located,” said City Attorney Kathleen Dooley. “Has he located in such a way that he will be posing a safety hazard to the traffic pulling in off the road?”

Dooley classified Judge John Stephen’s not guilty verdict as a “warning”, but said the mobile restaurant’s participation in the Farmers Market and special events in the city were still allowed.

Richard “Eddie” Crosslin, who co-owns Virginia Beach Fries with his wife Kim Crosslin, argued in General District Court that a verbal agreement between himself the property owners in addition to his possession of an itinerant merchants license was sufficient to operate his business within the city.

Dooley said that the itinerant merchants license is only a tax license, not a zoning permit.

“He’s squared up with the tax folks, but its the zoning folks he needs to work with,” said Dooley

It seems as if the Crosslins are inclined to do just that. After yesterday’s trial, when asked how soon he would be returning to the city to do business, Eddie Crosslin quickly responded “soon,” but Kim Crosslin politely suggested that the business should go through official channels before proceeding.