NYC: Food Trucks Coming to Battery Park City

By STAFF | Downtown Express

The management of Brookfield Properties wants to make sure that Battery Park City residents and workers have plenty of food choices over the next few years while 2 World Financial Center is under construction, so if the Battery Park City Authority agrees, Brookfield plans to allow food trucks to park in the cul-de-sac between 4 World Financial Center and the New York Mercantile Exchange.

“One of the things that’s come up in New York over the last couple of years is the food truck revolution,” said Brookfield V.P. David Cheikin, when he explained the plan to Community Board 1’s Battery Park City Committee. “It’s not just bad food anymore and it’s at a good price point.” He said that Brookfield would work with the New York City Food Truck Association, which currently has 30 members, inviting five vendors a week to sell their wares in B.P.C. from 11 a.m. to 3 p.m. daily. The five vendors would rotate from week to week. “They want to start as soon as possible,” Cheikin said.

In answer to questions from the committee about how much control Brookfield would have over the vendors, Cheikin said, “We would never let dirty-water dogs down here. We think it will actually be a good amenity.” He said the trucks would be selling items like waffles, steak sandwiches, healthy foods and shakes. And if the food trucks don’t work out? “I have the right to kick them out,” he said.