NYC: Food Trucks Mark Onset of Spring With Turf Wars

NYC's Miss Softee Food Truck

By Rebecca Marx |

NYC's Miss Softee Food Truck


It’s not even really warm yet, and already, we’re getting flashbacks to last summer’s food truck turf wars.

Midtown Lunch reports that Friday was a tumultuous day for mobile vendors. Over at the corner of Sixth Avenue and West 44th Street, the window of Miss Softee’s truck was smashed by a hot dog/pretzel vendor who claimed the truck was invading his turf. The hot dog man was led away in hand cuffs; as is typically the case these days, the whole thing played out on Miss Softee’s Twitter page. According to her latest tweet, she’s back to business as usual, and hoping that “44th & 6th is drama-free today!!”

Meanwhile, there was more drama at on East 51st Street, where Taïm Mobile parked on the same block as Uncle Gussy’s. The latter’s owner didn’t appreciate the falafel truck’s proximity, and threatened its driver with physical violence. Taïm eventually moved to another block, and bodily harm was averted. Jeez, guys, whatever happened to peace, love, and understanding?