NYC: Luke’s Lobster Is Expanding Yet Again, This Time With a Truck

By Rebecca Marx |

It’s been an eventful week in the food truck universe, between the Big Gay Ice Cream Truck’s return, Rickshaw Dumpling‘s imminent expansion to a midtown storefront, and the realization that the Jalapeño NYC Truck has hit the road.

And now, Luke’s Lobster, which was most recently seen sinking its claws into Washington, D.C., is getting its own set of wheels. That’s according to Diner’s Journal, which reports that the crustacean concern will be debuting it new truck on Sunday at the Hell’s Kitchen Street Fair. It will subsequently park in Midtown during lunch and in various locations at night, and will also hit the requisite number of fairs.

Having established storefront, flea market, and now street-side supremacy, one can only imagine what’s next for Luke’s Lobster, which opened its first, unassuming storefront less than two years ago. Air and sea domination? A westward land grab? At this point, neither would be particularly surprising; seems like there’s nowhere you can’t sell a $15 lobster roll.