NYC, N Y: Food Trucks Are A Terrorist Threat, Says FDNY

Not so innocent now, are we?

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Not so innocent now, are we?

Food truck operators are many things to many people. Purveyors of lunches, tweeters of location-tagged tweets, a major source if sidewalk congestion. But are they also *pause* terrorists? Well, maybe, according to the FDNY.

Per a newly released internal document, city officials are increasingly worried that our ever-proliferating food trucks could be the perfect, uh, vehicle for terrorists plots, noting that the permits are easy to acquire (legally or otherwise) and that the trucks provide an “excellent surveillance platform due to their access and long duration stays,” along with access to “high profile” locations.

This does actually make some sense when you think about it, which puts an overwrought but otherwise innocuous trend in a pretty terrifying new light. However, it does sort of seem like having to churn out decent food and fight for parking in this incredibly competitive market would significantly hamper, or at least slow down any hypothetical truck-based terror operations. Other than the subtle economic terrorism of charging $14 for a grilled cheese, of course.

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