Oak Park Heights, MN: Oak Park Heights bans most food truck operations in city

By Contributor  |  Stillwater Gazette


The city of Oak Park Heights has banned most food trucks from operating in the city. Some exceptions exist for private catering events and limited nonprofit sales events.

According to City Administrator Eric Johnson, the purpose of the ordinance is to support local bricks-and-mortar businesses in the community. He said that to his knowledge there were no food trucks regularly operating in the city for sale of items to the general public, but some inquires had been received in recent months.

The new ordinance regulating food trucks allows them to serve a private catering function for local businesses and their staff, as long as items are not sold to the general public.

On lands zoned B-2 or B-4, private property owners may apply for temporary food truck permits from the city to allow sale of items to the general public if the operation is exclusively run by an IRS-recognized nonprofit.

The city council unanimously approved the ordinance Jan. 12.