Old Mail Truck Becomes New-Wave Ice-Cream Truck

This old mail truck became a new-wave ice cream truck

By Chris Woodyard | USA Today

This old mail truck became a new-wave ice cream truck

What happens to old mail trucks? Well, they go to a lot of different uses. But this one, in particular, captivated us: a new-wave ice cream truck.

In an age of gourmet food trucks, it only makes sense to try something different, like an old mail truck to serve up fancy ice-cream sandwiches.

We found this one plying the streets of Southern California, usually trying to provide the dessert when other food trucks serve up the main lunch. It’s called Coolhaas, and it’s meant to catch the hearts of the design crowd with a name that combines the name for Germany’s mid-century design, the “Bauhaus” style, with name of Dutch architect Rem Koolhaas, who came up with the expression “Form follows function.”

The reference to architecture isn’t so much about the truck — though it could be with its hot colors and rims — but rather what it serves. The ice-cream sandwiches combine cookies like oatmeal or chocolate chip with ice cream flavors like “sea-salt caramel” or bacon. Yes, bacon. Ford hired out the truck a couple months back to curry favor with reviewers of its new Focus.