Orlando, FL: A Closer Look at Disney’s New Food Trucks

Disney Food Blog Namaste Cafe Food Truck highlights tastes and flavors that you might find around Disney's Animal Kingdom.

By AJ Wolfe | Disney Food Blog

Disney Food Blog Namaste Cafe Food Truck highlights tastes and flavors that you might find around Disney's Animal Kingdom.
Disney Food Blog
Namaste Cafe Food Truck highlights tastes and flavors that you might find around Disney’s Animal Kingdom.

When we first heard the new plans for the re-imagining of the Downtown Disney in Walt Disney World, we were ecstatic. I’m looking forward to seeing all of the exciting developments that Disney Springs will hold. But none excited us more than the suggestion that we would see a hot trend coming home to roost right here in Walt Disney World. The Food Truck Craze has finally arrived!

Sure, we have seen the popular trend catch fire in cities all over. Orlando has a booming food truck industry that we already love.

But Food Truck Row, as it was named in the first details that emerged about Disney Springs, proved to be unique, in that it promised to bring some of the most beloved Disney foods from around the World. And within months of its announcement, we saw the roll out of the mini-fleet of take its place in and around the Downtown Disney Area.

As you’d expect, we’ve had the chance to take a closer look at all four trucks, and now we can’t wait to tell you a little more about them. Each truck is themed to the four parks of Walt Disney World, and yet carries further themeing that I find enchanting.

Superstar Catering Food Truck

First to arrive at Downtown Disney was Superstar Catering Food Truck, which brings a touch of Disney’s Hollywood Studios to Downtown Disney.

You’ll notice the same classic old Hollywood, art deco touch in the truck’s colors and decorative touches that you see as you stroll down Hollywood Boulevard in the park. Aqua and coral dress out the exterior of the truck, with plenty of functional, stainless steel touches.

The menu features different variations of meatballs. Turkey Sausage and Golden Raisin Meatballs are served atop Soft Polenta. The Spinach and Feta Beef Meatball Sandwich offers a Greek twist on a fun sandwich option. Even the kid’s option is a Meatball Slider, served with Marinara and Provolone.

On our first visit to Superstar, we opted for the delicious-sounding Lamb Meatball Flatbread Sandwich. Three Lamb Meatballs are served on a pliable Pita with Arugula-Fennel Salad. Dressed with a generous amount of flavorful Tzatziki and a Vegetable Relish, it’s a delicious option for a light dinner!

Namaste Cafe Food Truck

The next to debut was Namaste Cafe Food Truck, which highlights tastes and flavors that you might find around Disney’s Animal Kingdom.

The truck echoes the exotic feel of the park, particularly the Asia portion of it. Scenes from the Maharajah Jungle Trek and other beautiful animal depictions cover the panels, and the Tree of Life occupies a prominent spot.

Dishes from Namaste Cafe also offer Asian flavors and are all served with a combination of Basmati Rice and Naan, an Indian flatbread. Colorful Pickled Vegetables garnish each of the selections.

When we visited the truck for the first time, we couldn’t resist trying one of my very favorite dishes, Butter Chicken! Tender with the complex flavors of tomato and curry, the dish had less gravy than I normally associate with its counterpart served inSanaa at Disney’s Animal Kingdom Lodge. But that’s perfect for a portable option! We enjoyed it immensely.

Fantasy Fare Food Truck

However, the truck that I couldn’t wait to arrive was Fantasy Fare Food Truck!

Red paint gives the truck a carnival air in keeping with the Storybook Circus section of New Fantasyland. And that’s appropriate, as Fantasy Fare celebrates the Culinary Traditions of Magic Kingdoms around the World!

And the menu reflects that theme well, with Glass Noodle Salad from Hong Kong Disneyland, as well as the Croque Monsieur served at Magic Kingdom’s Be Our Guest.

But the real excitement is over Hand Dipped Corn Dogs inspired by the ones from Disneyland! The specialties have been a favorite of mine for years. And served with House-Made Potato Chips, this is a fantastic option!

World Showcase of Flavors Food Truck

The fourth and final truck, World Showcase of Flavors, celebrates the rich food heritage of what has become known as the Festival Park — Epcot.

This sleek black and green truck has a more of a vintage, sophisticated feel. The painted travel stickers that decorate the facade echo the fun passport stamps you gather in your passport during the Epcot International Food and Wine Festival each Fall!

The menu for World Showcase of Flavors features selections from the 2013 Epcot Food and Wine Festival. Pierogies served with Kielbasa and Grass Fed Sliders are two of the options. We chose to sample the third — the Lobster Roll from the Hops & Barley Kiosk. It was delicious!

But we also love the Wines served by the glass, just like at the Festival. Each of the selections pair well with the food offerings, so you can celebrate the Food and Wine Festival throughout the whole year!

So there you have it! Your tour of Food Truck Row at Downtown Disney! Be sure to keep an eye out for the trucks, which naturally change locations. However, we’ve found them serving most of the time from the area near Cirque de Soleil and House of Blues, during evening hours.

So far, which is your favorite?