Orlando, FL: Orlando to Limit Food Truck Operations

Fish Out of Water food truck

By Contributor  |  WFTV.com

ORLANDO, Fla. — If you’re a fan of food trucks, you might not find them in their usual spots anymore.

The city of Orlando has changed how the food trucks can operate within city limits.

Channel 9’s Racquel Asa spoke to food truck operators who said the change is enough to put them out of business.

Al Ruiz has spent most of the last two years in his Fish Out of Water food truck, making sushi and making money.

Fish Out of Water food truck
Fish Out of Water food truck

“It’s worked out great for us,” Ruiz said.

A new pilot program launched by the city limits how many nights a private business can host food trucks like Ruiz’s.

WFTV looked through the seven-page pilot program and found some businesses can only host a truck one night a week.

“It stinks. Everyone is cut out, so essentially I could be working six days a month with these new rules,” Ruiz said.

The city said it made the changes because it didn’t anticipate how popular food trucks would become.

If a truck wants to permanently stay at a location, it has to get permission from the city first.

Ruiz said it shouldn’t have to be that way if he’s already making a deal with a business to set up shop on its property.

“I understand there are rules and regulations and everything, I just think they need to be fair and everyone needs to be heard,” Ruiz said.

The pilot program will last for two years. The city said its program is less limiting than other city’s like Boston and Miami, which charge higher permit fees and limit the number of food truck permits.