Osceola County, Fl: Food trucks line up to serve Osceola County residents impacted by Hurricane Ian

By Megan Mellado | WESH

A warm, familiar meal full of the flavors locals in the Buenaventura Lakes area know and love can make all the difference.

“Everybody here in this area, which are Puerto Rican or Dominican, they are familiar with this kind of food and we just want to see you smile,” a food truck worker said.

Osceola County locals displaced from their homes or those dealing with damage from the flooding that came with Hurricane Ian lined up Friday to get a taste of comfort.

“Sí, muy contenta,” a resident said.

“Excellent. It’s a good experience to be having food that the county provide us with food,” another resident said.

World Food Trucks teamed up with county commissioner Viviana Janer to host the event with a goal of serving thousands.

“We’re good at serving hot, delicious, home-cooked meals, and that’s what we’re here to do,” World Food Trucks President Nadeem Battla said.

“It is amazing to have the opportunity to serve our community. Our community gave us what we have, so we have to give back,” a food truck worker said.