Pensacola, FL: Terhaar wants to work out details on Food Truck ordinance, plans to meet with coalition


By  Rick Outzen  |  Rick’s Blog


Pensacola City Councilman Andy Terhaar stopped in the INweekly offices yesterday to discuss his proposed food truck ordinance. He said that his intent was for the planning board to use his draft as a starting point for the discussion of the issue. It was not to be considered a finished product.

“I probably should have put together a series of points, rather a full ordinance,” said Terhaar. He said the Alan Gray, who works in the planning department, helped him draft who was presented to planning board, but there were elements that he wasn’t sure why Gray added.

The councilman primary concern was keeping food trucks off Palafox, but he is open to reducing the 500-ft restriction and allowing trucks on side streets downtown. He plans to meet with members of the Food Truck Coalition and work out reasonable regulations to propose to the Pensacola City Councilman.

“There can’t be no regulations, but we also shouldn’t completely ban all food trucks,” said Terhaar.

On Tuesday, the Independent News emailed Tamara Fountain, the city of Pensacola’s communication administrator: “What is the mayor’s position on the Food Truck ordinance proposed by Councilman Andy Terhaar?”

We have not received a response.