Philadelphia, PA: Philly Food Truck Offers Oreo Chicken Sandwich

By Iluminada Rowe  |   The Crash Page

Philly Food Truck Offers Oreo Chicken Sandwich by GeoBeats

Two brothers who run a food truck create a unique sweet and spicy chicken sandwich, using Oreo cookies.

Being a chef means you are constantly pushing the creativity envelope.

Take two brothers from Philadelphia who operate a food truck dubbed Lil Dan’s.

The guys had catered a wedding and on the way home at 2 A.M., a novel idea struck.

Combine a very popular Oreo cookie with a chicken cutlet into an unusual sandwich. The brothers crush Golden Oreos and coat a chicken breast with it. After frying, the cutlet is placed in a bun with lettuce and tomato and topped off with homemade hot sauce, creating an authentic sweet and spicy sandwich.

A food processor is used to crush the cookies and the chicken is fried with the sweet Oreo topping. The sandwich has gotten rave reviews since its premiere.

The company, Kraft foods is behind some bizarre food tests as well. Reportedly, there is a ‘biscuit research lab’ in China, where employees make some odd edible concoctions.

One of their projects was a rectangular Oreo filled with gum instead of cream. A researched stated that the cookie “tasted OK but was difficult to swallow.”

Another cookie experiment was the ‘red-bean-paste Oreos’.