Philadelphia, PA: Sandwich Alert – Mac ‘n’ Cheese Grilled Cheese at Mac Mart Food Truck

By Danya Henninger |


As comfort food goes, mac ‘n’ cheese is near the top of the list in terms of ease of eating, deliciousness and overall goey factor. With the dish called Return of the Mac, Marti Lieberman has found a way to enhance each of these categories. Served at her Mac Mart food truck, it’s a grilled cheese sandwich stuffed with mac ‘n’ cheese.

Two fluffy pieces of white bread are buttered and covered with American cheese, then filled with sauce-dripping macaroni and pan fried on each side. Bite down on the crisp toast and let the contents ooze into your mouth for the ultimate guilty-pleasure snack, no fork required.

The best part? You can lay your hands on this golden sandwich by parting with no more than $4. Find the Mac Mart truck at 33rd and Arch near Drexel on weekdays, and stay tuned for more about the mobile kitchen’s signature dish, coming later this week.