Philadelphia, PA: Truck Stop – Dumplings from Dump-N-Roll

Dump N Roll truck.

By William Bender  |

Dump N Roll truck.
Dump N Roll truck.

The truck: The dumpling has landed, folks. The missing link in Philly’s food-truck scene. Mobile. Boiled. Fried. Go traditional or branch out with a specialty. Also, there are spring rolls. Welcome to Dump-N-Roll, the sandwich-n-taco alternative.

Taste test: Peter Tong, who has been cooking for about 10 years, including stints at Susanna Foo and Morimoto, agreed to whip up some dumplings for us yesterday at the mobile-food commissary in Brewerytown. We were not disappointed. The fish dumplings and the pork-and-chive dumplings were both delicious, particularly the fried version. Nice texture, too. Dip them in the roasted garlic soy sauce and you’re good to go.

Concept: Tong, 29, said his cousin came up with the Dump-N-Roll idea about 16 months ago and it “just sparked a fire within me.” Now, he’s set to the hit the streets as early as next week with food that’s “portable and affordable and convenient.”

Menu: We want to eat everything. In addition to traditional dumplings (4 for $3.50; 6 for $5), Tong will offer specialties such as steak, whiz and tequila (!) ketchup; chipotle turkey bacon cheeseburger with smoky honey BBQ sauce; and chicken lemongrass summer rolls with brown sauce. Sides include mixed greens and garlic truffle shoestring fries. They’ll also serve Thai tea and Vietnamese iced and hot coffee.

Where: Look for them at Drexel, Temple, out in the ‘burbs, and late night at Front and Girard. Check @DumpNRoll215 on Twitter and “DumpnRoll” on Facebook before you go.