Philadelphia, PA: Vendys Finalist Chewy’s Food Truck Keeps It Green

By Alex Friend  |  Green Philly Blog


As the owner of Chewy’s, one of our top seven green food trucks, Charlie Sokowski’s love for food fuels his ambitions.

This past weekend, Chewy’s competed with other finalists at the 2013 Vendy Awards in Penn Treaty Park for a chance to be crowned the best food truck in Philly.

Sokowski and his staff handed out samples of delicious Carolina pulled-pork sandwiches and maple syrup-covered fried chicken to lucky patrons.

Philly Food Truck Chewy’s Sustainable Efforts

Many were unaware of other environmentally friendly efforts that Sokowski makes to curb waste and ensure healthy, natural food.

For instance, Chewy’s serves food in decomposable containers.  Fryer oil is recycled, as well. “I actually have about 30 pounds to recycle now,” Sokowski says.

Chewy’s also composts their food waste and donates it to local farms.

I use some of the compost for the tomatoes I grow for the truck,” says Sokowski. “Tomatoes are expensive these days,” he adds.

In an effort to cut costs and ensure the produce is safe and organic, Sokowski grows herbs, peppers and other vegetables for Chewy’s, too. For anything else, he goes to several local farms to stock up.

As noted in our recent green food trucks post, it’s difficult to be completely sustainable as a street vendor. Food trucks use fossil fuels, an issue that’s hard to avoid. Electric trucks are extremely expensive, and to an up-and-coming vendor, nearly impossible to obtain.

Still, Sokowski is hopeful. Perhaps in the next few years, a completely sustainable Chewy’s will become a reality. In the meantime, Chewy’s is doing an admirable job.