Philadelphia’s UCD & Chef Michael Schulson STOMP OUT Independent Food Truck Operators

(Photo by R. Kennedy for Visit Philadelphia)

BY Josh Kim |


Much has been revealed in the past few hours regarding the new “addition” to the Porch.

After finding out that (they) are replacing food trucks with a “food truck,” I’M PISSED!

UCD has just thrown a dozen or so small, local, independently owned businesses under the bus to make way for a big-shot restaurateur-Michael Schulson.

Schulson thinks just because some food trucks draw large crowds at this venue, he would find much the same with his concept-NOTHING COULD BE FUTHER FROM REALITY. The crowd at the Porch are regulars. Amtrak, IRS, and Cira Center employees make up 70% of the lunch crowd and have built relationships with the owners of the food trucks, yet not all food trucks fare well at this venue. It’s not like a Night Market or street festival where hoards of drunk people wait in lines to get feed some random food stuffs, the clientele at the Porch are much more mindful on how they spend their money for lunch. Schulson thinks much like most new food truck owners-food trucks are cool, hip, and you can just pop open the window and watch the money pour in.

He, like most new food truck operators, don’t get it. It’s not about the truck, the price point, the gimmicks, nor even the location of your truck. It’s about the individual entrepreneur. The relationship between the patron and the truck owner, the friendly banter that goes on through social media. It’s about the ‘hunt’-seeking out the truck because they have the best dumplings, pizza, tacos, or burgers. It’s about waiting in line and being greeted by your first name because the owner remembers you. This guy, like a dog, seeks out ‘easy’ opportunities. Food truckers before him have paved the way for him. If not for the food trucks at the Porch, (he) would have NEVER thought of the venue! He tried once with a beer truck, @IBGtruck, and has failed. A prime example of someone opening a truck with nothing but money on their agenda. I mean really, A. BEER. TRUCK. should have been a home run, yet Schulson found out real fast that it ain’t about the TRUCK!!! The former IBG truck is now Matt’s Sliders.

If the Porch had a concession stand or some sort of kiosk to replace the trucks, I wouldn’t be so heated. The fact that we are being replaced by a POSER fuckin pisses me off!!! F*ck Schulson!