Philly: Drexel Alumni Introduce Lunch Truck App

by Tyler.Chance |

Participating lunch trucks now accept credit card payments

QuickFeedMe, a company begun by Drexel alumni Jeff Segall and Melissa Aaron, recently launched a website that allows patrons to order from the lunch trucks on Drexel’s campus using a computer or smart phone.

With the website, students will no longer be required to wait in line or pay in cash to order from participating lunch trucks. The company is hoping to take advantage of the growing trend of online campus food ordering.

“The original concept for QuickFeedMe started as a conversation between myself and a friend two years ago expressing a desire to be able to order from lunch trucks and pay with a credit card,” Segall said.

As of now, food trucks on Drexel’s campus do not accept credit cards except Insomnia Cookies, which has its own website.

Realizing that they were on to something, Segall and Aaron developed the idea and created a working website for their senior design project, originally titled, “The Omnomenon.” Their project team also included fellow seniors Josh Zenker, Ian Yoder and Danny Lam.

The site eventually took second place at the computer science senior design competition in 2010. After graduation, Segall and Aaron decided to continue with their project, ultimately renaming it QuickFeedMe.

The website offers menu listings, photos, locations and reviews of participating vendors. Future plans include expanding to other popular lunch truck campuses and offering an easy method of ordering via text message.

When someone places an order on QuickFeedMe, it is sent to the lunch truck vendor’s smart phone or any web-enabled device they may be using. Vendors use a QuickFeedMe web application that allows them to manage their queue of virtual orders. This is used to view orders and either accept or decline them if, for example, they have run out of a specific ingredient.

As of now, three lunch trucks are featured on QuickFeedMe: Sushi-Do, Honest Tom’s Taco Shop and George’s Truck. Segall and Aaron are looking to eventually sign up more trucks in order to provide a greater variety of food to customers.

Since the website is still in beta, there is currently no fee to order from QuickFeedMe. If the site is successful and expands, “the fee will be comparable to or less than an average ATM fee,” Segall said.

Sushi-Do is located across from the Daskalakis Athletic Center on 33rd Street, Honest Tom’s Taco Shop is located next to Buckley Field on 33rd Street and George’s Truck is located on “Lunch Truck Row” behind the Main Building.

Students can access QuickFeedMe at