Phoenix, AZ: Storm Damage Delays Gilbert Food Truck Food Court Expansion Until Next Week

By Jess Harter  |  Mouth by South West


Oops. Looks like the expansion of the Gilbert Food Truck Food Court to three days per week is on hold until next week. Trucks apparently showed up for their first-ever Thursday lunch today only to discover roof damage at their new site at Gilbert and Vaughn roads.

So the Thursday launch has been postponed until next week. This week, there’ll be lunch and dinner service Friday and Saturday – but at a temporary site just west of the old site, which was just west of the new site. In other words, just turn west on Vaughn.

Friday’s lineup: Traveling Monk, Cahr’s Kitchen, SuperFarm SuperTruck, and Udder Delights for lunch, and The Grilled Cheese Truck Phoenix, Gourmet Command Center, Goodness Gracious Great Balls and Sliders, Queso Good, Super Farms Super Truck, Paletas Betty, Cahr’s Kitchen, and Udder Delights for dinner.

Saturday’s lineup: Grilled Cheese Truck Phoenix, The Great Pho King Food Truck, Queso Good, and Super Fresh Farms for lunch, and Gourmet Command Center, Queso Good, Super Farms Super Truck, Cahr’s Kitchen, and Paletas Betty’s for dinner.