Phoenix: New Food Truck Alert “Titillating T-Licious Tacos”

Manager owner Cathy "Red" McGoldrick and chef owner Jordan Kean outside of their distinctive rig.

By Ando Muneno | Phoenix News Times

Manager owner Cathy "Red" McGoldrick and chef owner Jordan Kean outside of their distinctive rig.

The business: T-Licious Tasty Teazy Tacos

photo credit - Ando Muneno

What you need to know: Oaxaca-style food fused with classic French techniques. Chef/owner Jordan Kean and manager/owner Cathy “Red” McGoldrick bring decades of experience to this endeavor, creating unique flavors like the duck confit taco on the right. Beyond the duck simmered in its own delicious fat, this taco also includes: garlic aioli, an agave reduction, a duck chichorron garnish and “fire and ice” chutney.

The story: Kean and McGoldrick, who had worked closely together at previous jobs, ran into each other last year. Days later, Kean called McGoldrick and laid out her pitch for a food truck. McGoldrick, who had been out of the food business for several years, was excited by the possibilities and Kean’s cooking so she jumped at the chance to be a co-owner. Five days later they were filing paperwork to incorporate as a LLC and arranging to purchase a truck. According to Kean, “Things just fell into place.”

How did you come up with the name?
JK“A lot of bar napkins. I love bling so the first name we came up with was Bling-a-licious.”
Kean said she and McGoldrick burned through a tall stack napkins testing and rejecting new names until they settled on their current name.

Why did do a food truck instead of a traditional restaurant? JK“I’ve pretty much done everything already as far as [traditional restaurants and catering] goes. It seems like food trucks are going to be the new hot thing out there. And I have a 13-year-old daughter and I’d like to spend more time with her.” Kean mirrored what many other food truck entrepreneurs have said: In our struggling economy, food trucks offer an economical way to bring food to the people. She said that starting up T-Licious would have cost at least twice as much if she and McGoldrick had gone with a traditional brick and mortar format.

What has been the hardest part of getting off the ground?
JK:“Probably that we got such high demand right off the bat. Also, learning how to operate the truck. Pilots are always going out, things are leaking, the water isn’t… being in the water tank – general operational stuff.”
McGoldrick related later that their truck lacks air-conditioning (but obviously has a refrigerator for their food) so Kean often endures incredible heat to get the food out. Recently, during one of Phoenix’s recent 110+ days the temperature inside the pink machine topped 170 degrees.

T-Licious Teazy Tacos will be at the Arizona Taco Festival Dos in Scottsdale on October 15 and the Phoenix Food Truck Festival on October 22. Their regular circuit is to hit Shady’s on Thursday nights and The Rock at 7 PM and The Blooze Bar at 10 PM on Fridays.

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