Pittsburgh, PA: A Good Day For a Food Truck Stop

by Diana Nelson Jones | Post-Gazette.com

It’s a beautiful day in all the neighborhoods today. I was out and about this morning on some interviews and had to stay outside awhile longer.

I stopped by the parking lot behind the Hot Metal Faith Community on the South Side, 2700 franktuaryfoodtruckJane Street, to visit the Franktuary food truck.

James Gray, the owner of Dozen Bake Shop who had bought Tina Bolin’s Bodacious Bites truck, was there, too.

They parked together to receive walk-ups between 11.30 and 2.30. Franktuary is there every Tuesday and Thursday at that time, and James said he would be there periodically.

The food truck movement, which has grown so fast in other cities that the original guys are seething over the band wagon effect, is still in training pants here. We have, what?, four? besides the ones that are such fixtures in Oakland that they might as well not have wheels.

Let me know if you know of food trucks out there that move about and keep their following moving with them because I will be writing more about this for the Food section soon.

A little crowd had grown by noon.

Emily Harding brought her kids, toddler Jack and a baby in a sling. She’s an old roommate of Franktuary’s co-owner Megan Lindsey. “We saw on Facebook that they were going to be here so we had to come for lunch,” Emily said. Jack wore a T-shirt that read “I do all my own stunts.”

There’s a picnic area under a tent, but a couple of guys just plunked down on the parking lot and ate their dogs.
James (pictured in the window of the Dozen truck) has just started taking the truck out. He is planning to serve at events, “with periodic roving to see how it goes,” he said.

Tim Tobitsch and Megan Lindsey, co-owners of Franktuary Downtown, have found a home behind the church and also do special events. They were in the Strip a couple Saturdays ago and may have a deal soon to be in the Strip one day a week.

You can track the Franktuary truck at twitter.com/franktuary. Several people walked up today specifically to try the poutine, a Canadian way of serving fries with cheese curds and brown gravy. These curds come from Arsenal Cheese, an artesan enterprise in Larryville.

I wish I had not scarfed down a sandwich earlier or I would have tried the poutine. It looked good. So….. I’ll be back!