Pittsfield, MA: Pittsfield Releases Draft Food Truck Ordinance

By Contributor  |  Pittsfield.com


The city has released draft regulations on food trucks and the Ordinance and Rules Committee will discuss them on Dec. 2.

The draft ordinance identifies specific locations downtown where mobile food vendors can operate and the city is looking to charge vendors a monthly fee of $35 per parking space used.

The debate over food trucks began earlier this year when Downtown Pittsfield Inc. petitioned the city to create regulations. The Ordinance and Rules Committee met twice to draft an ordinance and is now asking the local business owners to weigh in on it. The committee will meet at 7:30 on Dec. 2 to answer questions and discuss concerns.

The ordinance also requests food truck operations to receive a permit to operation with exemptions from those who operate only during special events. The ordinance only regulates those operating on city property and not those operating on private land.