Portable Kitchens for Disaster Relief

Portable Kitchens for Disaster Relief: MyFoxPHOENIX.com

By MyFoxPhoenix.com

PHOENIX – An Arizona mobile kitchen company is busy. They’re not cooking — they are building two mobile kitchens for miners in Canada.

It’s a rush order.  Build two kitchens in 7 days for 500 hungry miners, who need to be fed four times a day. Their previous kitchen burned down.

“A mining camp in northern Canada up by the Arctic Circle had a fire and lost their kitchen and needed it replaced immediately,” says Paul Helbert from Emergency Mobile Kitchens.

Emergency Mobile Kitchens, based in west Phoenix, is up for the challenge. They make all kinds of kitchens in all shapes and sizes.

“I sketched out the original design for them, they made slight alterations, we started building it six hours later,” says Helbert.

Workers are building two kitchens, one for prep and dishwashing, the other for cooking. The kitchens are made out of shipping containers, equipped with everything a chef needs or wants.

These kitchens are 40 feet long and last about 20 to 25 year.

Each kitchen will be loaded into a Hercules C-130 aircraft at Sky Harbor and flown to northern Canada, where those miners are waiting for a hot meal.

Emergency mobile kitchens are used by the Red Cross, Salvation Army, and you see them at fires serving meals to firefighters. Private companies use them as well.