Portland, OR: Grizzlies fans munch on Portland food truck finds

(Photo Source: WMC Action News )

By Lauren Squires  |  WMCActionNews5

WMC Action News 5 – Memphis, Tennessee
Roaming the streets of Portland, one can find a great snack sizzling around the clock.

Food trucks, like Bagada Kabobs, are all the rage in the city.

“We open from 10 until 6 in the morning,” said the Bagada Kabobs chef.

Food trucks, scattered throughout downtown Portland, offer a great midnight snack option.

Some also offer meals throughout the day.

Locals flock to the trucks daily to get a variety of food. They say it never gets old because of the variety of options.

“It’s nice because they are all local,” said one Portland resident. “They are all different. You can always sit down at a restaurant and have something to eat, but to have something about trying something new, and you have a variety of stuff and they are everywhere.”

Visitors flock to the carts too, hoping to find a unique taste.

Trucks serve everything from pizza to Mexican food, but the most popular carts serve Egyptian and Irawi foods.

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