Providence, RI: United BBQ to Close this Weekend

The best pulled pork on the East Side.

by Larry Au |

The best pulled pork on the East Side.

For those of you who’ve dared to venture a few blocks off Thayer, you’ll have no doubt had the pleasure of tasting the delicious food of United BBQ. For those of you who haven’t, you may have missed your chance to have some of the best BBQ around as the eleven employees of United BBQ were informed on Thursday night that the restaurant would close down after the weekend.

Located on Ives Street, United BBQ opened three years ago to a string of overwhelmingly positive reviews. Its achievements include winning the 2011 “RI’s Best Barbecue” award from the Providence Phoenix. Although known for its barbecue, the restaurant was also popular with Brown’s eco-friendly students due to its wide variety of vegan and vegetarian options, such as its “Tofurkey” Kielbasa Sandwich.

When asked about her thoughts about the restaurant closing, United BBQ employee Jasmie, who has worked at the restaurant since its opening, said, “Working here has been great. I’ll really miss working here. Everyone’s like a family here.” The owners currently do not have plans for the restaurant after its closing and many employees are still unsure of what to do after United BBQ closes. News of the restaurant’s closing have also not been widely circulated as many students have remained oblivious to United BBQ’s plight.

Alas, the near-romantic relationship that many upperclassmen have had with United BBQ must come to an end. We can only hope that some day, a Southern BBQ food truck decides to drive up College Hill and fill that hole left behind by United BBQ.