Put Time Into Your Design!

By Design-Phan.com

Jun Aizaki of Brooklyn-based Crème Design Collective has designed all of Jose Garces’s Philadelphia restaurants (see past tours of Distrito and Tinto). That’s saying a lot since Garces, at last count, is up to seven restaurants plus one in the works. The two have collaborated on a new, mobile venture: a taco truck called Guapos Tacos they first began brainstorming while in Mexico City.

The patchwork of hexagons covering the truck is actually 45,000 beer-bottle caps collected by the staffs in Garces’ restaurants and in bars in the designer’s (above, left) Brooklyn neighborhood. Pretty amazing.

Crème was in Metropolis Magazine last May for Aizaki’s work on Garces Trading Company. I can only imagine different solutions are required when designing a food truck as opposed to designing a brick-and-mortar restaurant. If the primary goal is for people to see it coming, Aizaki succeeded. He managed to create a high-visibility vehicle without resorting to obnoxiousness. Aizaki has definitely elevated the food-truck game. This bottle-cap scheme is much more rigorous and clever than your standard flashy/cutesy paint job.

Guapos Tacos won’t start roaming the city for a few months, but the truck already has 783 followers on Twitter. This isn’t so surprising considering the food will be by an Iron Chef and the truck is as sophisticated and eye-catching as Aizaki’s restaurant designs.