Raleigh: Best Food Truck

Klausie's Pizza


Klausie's Pizza

How do you like your BBQ?

Eastern style?  Western style?  Deep fried at the fair?

How about on wheels?

With the recent legalization of food trucks in Raleigh the hype surrounding these culinary cruisers has never been greater.

From pizza to burgers to BBQ “takos,” food trucks are changing the way the world thinks about food four wheels and one twitter handle at a time. (follow twitter handles to locate trucks)

The lack of a brick-and-mortar location hasn’t stopped the following restaurateurs from delivering some of the best eats in the Triangle.  Our five favorites, in no particular order:

Kokyu BBQ: (@kokyubbq) Specializing in takos, quesadillas, sliders and tots, Kokyu is a staple in the food truck community.  Our perfect meal: short rib quesadilla, duck fat tots and a game of truck-side Tetris while you wait.

Klausie’s Pizza: (@klausiespizza) Owner Mike Stenke is one of the nicest, hardest-working restaurateurs around and his Detroit-style deep dish pizza is proof on plate.

Slippin’ Sliders: (@slippinsliders) What’s better than taking down a great burger?  How about taking down 3 different great burgers with fresh, local ingredients.  They’re all good but make sure to give the Diablo a try: pepper jack cheese, ranch, texas pete, caramelized onions and jalapenos.

Only Burger: (@onlyburger) Only burger was one of the originals and definitely deserves to be in any food truck conversation.  If you’re having trouble deciding, it’s hard to go wrong with the breakfast burger.

The Parlour: (@parlourdurham) After you finish dinner at one (or more) of the first four trucks, finish off your food coma with some ice cream at The Parlour.  Untraditional flavors like Salted Butter Caramel, Vietnamese Coffee and several vegan options make The Parlour a must-try.

After witnessing how passionate people are about food trucks in Raleigh’s city council meetings this summer there is no doubt that y’all have a few more good ones.  What’d we’d miss?