Dear Foodies and Downtown Stakeholders,

We need your help and we need it now!  Food trucks are currently illegal in Downtown Raleigh and in order to change the regulations, we need you to make your voices heard!

Food Trucks will create substantial benefits for the city of Raleigh, entrepreneurs and most importantly, the people!

  • The people win by having a new world of local and convenient food options, creating a unique dining experience that promotes social interaction and community connectedness.
  • The city will benefit from a new revenue stream, jobs and community character, allowing us to build on our image as a vibrant culinary destination.
  • Entrepreneurs benefit from a more business-friendly environment, enabling our homegrown culinary talent to flourish into small business owners. Food trucks will also generate significant foot traffic, helping the surrounding Downtown businesses.

Please help us with your moral support here.

We are strongly in support of regulations that enforce health and safety and vehemently opposed to restrictions that only serve to limit competition and stifle economic opportunity.  We simply want to provide you with great food and a fun, fresh dining experience where you live, work and play.

It’s pretty simple; Food trucks should be free to compete.

Fostering competition enriches everyone’s lives by promoting quality and options.  Please visit www.ncfoodtrucks.com to voice your support!

Thanks so much and we look forward to seeing you on the streets soon! Contact: LucasKinnin@NCFoodTrucks.com (919)961-7195