Regina, CAN: Regina’s Impressive Food Truck Scene

By Jenn Sharp  |  Leader Post

The Big Taco

Food trucks are the perfect opportunity for enterprising chefs to create innovative eats.The movable food vendors have been a hot topic in Saskatoon, where city council just recently approved the venture. One of the first to confirm his truck, Dan Walker (the owner of Weczeria) will be running Joy Ride, with a globally inspired menu.

Regina has been ahead of Saskatoon in this area — the first food trucks opened for business in 2012. This year six are operating in the Queen City. The trucks move around but at least one or two can always be found in the City Square Plaza. Most have Twitter accounts but not everyone updates regularly. @yqrfoodtrucks is the general account to follow. Here’s a rundown on what you can find in Regina’s street food scene.



WHAT TO EXPECT:Pretty crepes, crafted with care by a mother/daughter duo. Sassy offers three savoury crepes that also come grilled on rye bread. A few sides, a salad and dessert crepes are available.

DISH TO TRY:You can never go wrong with Nutella, especially when it’s paired with strawberries and banana in a warm crepe, dusted with icing sugar and topped with whipped cream (if you so desire). Sassy’s crepes are light enough to let the flavours come through, yet strong enough not to melt in your hands.

PRICE:Savoury crepes are $10; dessert crepes are $8



WHAT TO EXPECT:A basic and affordable southern BBQ menu that appeals to the meat-and-potatoes-loving crowd. Meats are smoked for 14 hours on apple wood. On Sundays, they cook up ribs and chicken.

DISH TO TRY:The pulled pork was easily one of the best I’ve tried. (And I’ve eaten a lot of pulled pork!) BBQ sauce is served on the side but isn’t necessary — the meat is juicy enough.PRICE:$7 to $10 for pulled pork or brisket; sides are $1


WHAT TO EXPECT: A huge menu of various tacos (served in a pita, in a bag or on a bun), french fries and salads. If you like experimenting with french fries, come here. Big Taco serves Taco Fries, Poutine Deluxe and a Chicken Fry Fiesta (Cajun chicken, lettuce, onions, beans, salsa, cheddar cheese and sour cream on fries.)

DISH TO TRY:The Cajun Chicken Taco was delicious and fresh, although the pita was too dry to hold up all the fixings.

PRICE:Ranges from $5 to $6 (fries, salads, taco on a bun), to $14 to $16 (big tacos)

A regular taco and salad combo came in at $13. The prices are steep but I was impressed with the quality. It would be much easier to deep fry everything but the only food that hits the fryer here are the fries.



WHAT TO EXPECT: Homemade burgers with gourmet toppings made from locally raised beef served on buns from Cathedral Bakery. Bon Burger was famous last summer for its homemade ice cream sandwiches.

PRICE: Burgers: $7.50 to $10; poutine is $7 and french fries in a cone are $4



WHAT TO EXPECT: Try the authentic Mexican tacos made with homemade tortillas and salsa, along with aqua fresca (fresh fruit juice) served by Jade Benesh and her husband Jose Rodriguez. In 2010, Jose received his chef certification in Mexico.

PRICE: Tacos are $5; a two taco/agua fresca combo is $12.50



WHAT TO EXPECT:All kinds of burgers, from chicken to veggie, along with a breakfast burrito, a chicken aioli wrap, fresh cut fries, poutine and sweet potato chips are on the menu. A cheese steak wrap will be added this summer.

PRICE:Burgers are $8 or $10