Regina, Saskatchewan: Food Truck Problems in Downtown Regina

BUDZ Burgers

By Patrick Book |

BUDZ Burgers

With more food trucks comes more problems for the City of Regina

After some frustrations Wednesday at the City Square plaza in Regina, the city admitted there are some “growing pains” to be worked through as the space is opened to food trucks.

Some trucks are already parking on the plaza space over lunch hours to sell their wares.

But Wednesday an inner-city youth workshop that had booked the stage area at Cornwall Street for a performance ran into problems. A truck refused to shut down a noisy gas generator being used for power.

The city’s Chris Sale said the vendor was using a loud gas generator — and wasn’t able to turn it off while the kids were performing.

“Some of the vendors are running generators. And we’re finding that the generators are loud.”

Sale said a lottery is being held for the trucks to reserve spaces for next year and that should help solve such problems.

“Vendors who are operating on the plaza won’t be using generators, they’ll be plugging into the power that was established as part of the development of the plaza.”

The pilot program is still new, and kinks are being worked out, but Sale said the vendors, and the city, are learning as they go.

“The vendors are starting to work as a community down there and provide me with updates.”

The health ministry is responsible for regulating the trucks and their operations…but the city will help them work with others who book the plaza space.