Sacramento: Food Trucks to be Addressed Briefly at City Council

Sacramento Councilman Rob Fong

by Chris Macias |

Sacramento Councilman Rob Fong

Following Saturday’s massive turnout for the Sacramento Mobile Food Festival, the issue of food trucks will be addressed briefly at tonight’s city council meeting. Councilman Rob Fong is expected to direct city staff to re-examine current ordinances related to mobile food vendors.

Currently, Sacramento food trucks cannot stay parked for more than 30 minutes in most parts of the city and must shut down at dusk, among other regulations. Along with showing off a variety of edibles from northern California food trucks, the aim of SactoMoFo was to raise awareness about current ordinances, and persuade city leaders to amend them and make Sacramento more food-truck friendly, like you might find in Portland, San Francisco and Los Angeles.

SactoMoFo organizers will make a public comment at the city council meeting on May 10, and produce a petition signed by 3,500 people asking for the city to amend its regulations related to food trucks.

SactoMoFo organizers are meanwhile planning a roundtable discussion between local restaurateurs, food truck vendors, city officials and other interested parties. Randall Selland, the restaurateur behind The Kitchen and Ella Dining Room & Bar, has offered to host the discussion.