San Francisco, CA: Nob Hill Seeks to Move Food Trucks

By Jill Galus |

There is an effort underway in Nob Hill to encourage food trucks to find new places to park.

The Nob Hill Neighborhood Association Board is not trying to get rid of food truck vendors; instead, they are simply suggesting moving them, possibly just down the street.

“I’m being convenient to my customers,” Art Alexander, who parks his barbeque truck along Tulane in Nob Hill, said.

Alexander said he has a prime spot in front of the brewery and as far as he is concerned, he is not doing anything wrong.

“If they allow two trucks here, in the front, great, if all the trucks gotta be on the side street, great, I’m not gonna fight it, I’m just gonna go with the flow,” Alexander said.

Those who work nearby and eat from the food trucks said the experience is unlike any other.

“Some of these food trucks the food is absolutely amazing and it’s stuff you can’t really get in any other places,” Erin Stewart said.

The problem is not about the food, but instead, where vendors park.

“They’re not trying to get rid of them, they’re not trying to change the ordinance for what they can do in the permit, I think they just want to modify it so that they wouldn’t be blocking the view of other businesses on the street,” Tymn Waters, president of the Nob Hill Neighborhood Association Board, said.

Adam Moffett, owner of Slice Parlor, said, he thinks the mobile vendors actually bring more customers to the area.

“They give the business an extra draw, an extra reason to come,” Moffett said.

Dominic Valenzuela runs Dia De Los Takos and said, it is all about competition when you park by another business instead of in the middle of nowhere.

“I don’t think it’s stealing from them, it’s a fair game, we’re all chefs, if anything, step your game up,” Valenzuela said.

The current ordinance does not restrict where vendors can park on public streets as long as they are within the traffic code.

A meeting will be held 6:30 p.m. Monday at the Build New Mexico building on Tulane.