San Francisco, CA: We’ve Reached Peak Food Truck – Dogs Can Now Visit a ‘Treat Truck’

"Ziggy" puts in an order. | (REUTERS/Stephen Lam)

By Sarah Eberspacher  |  The Week

"Ziggy" puts in an order. | (REUTERS/Stephen Lam)
“Ziggy” puts in an order. | (REUTERS/Stephen Lam)

You probably never knew it, but Fido is very, very jealous every time you take him on a walk only to see a food truck and swing by for a taco or artisanal sandwich. How rude.

Milo’s Kitchen, a San Francisco-based pet treat company, is answering dogs’ prayers with its “Treat Truck.” The mobile food truck, stocked with doggie treats, water dishes, tennis balls, and even a photo booth for #PupSelfies, debuted on Friday night in the Bay Area. But, Milo’s is sending the gimmick on a road trip, with plans to hit 16 cities through August, including Los Angeles, Chicago, and Pittsburgh, Reuters reports.

Yes, this is like something out of an episode of Portlandia, but there are pictures. Food truck pup pictures. So without further ado, enjoy.