Sanford, FL: Sanford’s Monthly Food Trucks Bring Gourmet Food at Affordable Prices

By Aida Lashinsky  |  Sanford Herald


The monthly Food Truck Bazaar has been visiting the Sanford Area for years now, attracting all kinds of tastes with its variety of affordable gourmet food trucks.

About 15 food trucks come to the Sanford area the first Saturday of each month and they offer a range of food from chicken and waffles, Nutella crepes, Mayan cuisine and more. Dinners range from $6 to $8. There are many different desserts to choose from as well, such as the cupcake truck and a popsicle cart. Desserts range from $3 to $5.

“What is unique about the the Food Truck Bazaar is that [people] can bring a family of five and everyone can get what they want to eat,” said Community Outreach Assistant, Nicole Goodman. “A whole range of tastes and likes are covered by the variety of the trucks at the event. It answers the time honored question of “Where do you want to eat for dinner?”

The Sanford Food Truck Bazaar takes place at Hood Avenue and Seminole Boulevard, in a parking lot next to the RiverWalk. Crowds of visitors from all different walks of life arrive to enjoy the event. Friends, families, and even dogs are welcomed. The fresh smell food cooking fills the area.

“It’s the diversity of all of the food you can get here,” said a visitor to the Food Trucks. “It’s not like you go to one place and sit down and get whatever’s on the menu. You can actually walk around and get whatever you really want. It’s really nice.”

The Sanford food trucks are part of the Food Truck Bazaar events that circulate throughout the Central Florida area. The trucks visit 12 different locations on a monthly basis. The main premise is to offer a wide variety of high-end meals at low prices. Different trucks may come each time so there is always the anticipation of not knowing what new food one can find there.

All are welcome to come support the community at the Sanford food trucks each month. For more information visit their website at