Scottsdale, AZ: Street Food Saturdays by The Food Truck Caravan every week in Old Town Scottsdale

Street Food Saturdays by Food Truck Caravan

By The Matheson Team  |  Scottsdale Real Estate

Street Food Saturdays by Food Truck Caravan
Street Food Saturdays by Food Truck Caravan

Every Saturday night in Old Town Scottsdale, Food Truck Caravan comes to the corner of 5th Street and Goldwater Boulevard and showcases the latest food creations from Scottsdale’s top gourmet chefs.  The event is called Street Food Saturdays, but it’s not just about food:  it’s a street party, with bands, artists and lots of cozy seating areas.

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Up to 15 gourmet food trucks show up each Saturday evening out of a rotation of about 35 participating vendors.  Some of the food trucks include Queso Good, The Grilled Cheese Truck, Phoenix The Great, Pho King Food Truck, Buzznbeez Food Truck, Press Italian Street Food, Frosted Frenzy Cupcakes, Udder Delights, LC Catering (authentic mexican).

People line-up before the start of the event which goes from 6:30 – 10:30 pm every Saturday. Before or after you eat, you can visit artists’ booths or hang out with friends.  Chefs are on hand to talk with you about their creations.

The event is free, aside from the cost of the food.  It’s open to people of all ages, and dogs are welcome.

There is a “caravan tent,” the main seating area, and it is set up with pillows, area rugs and tables.  You can reserve a table or you can make new friends at shared picnic tables.  Private tables are also available if you are willing to book in advance.

When the weather is hot, the tents are set up with misters.  In cooler months, the tents are heated.

Tasty desserts are available with the caravan or at other local restaurants.  There are homemade pies and pastries, an ice cream sundae bar, italian sodas, coffee and tea.

You also have the opportunity to make a special night of it for six of your friends by getting into ‘The Mirage, Pharaoh or Magic Carpet Party Package’.  These packages include specially-themed tents and a choice of  amenities that may include Moroccan Street Nut demonstration, a personal sherpa, tea service, dessert, pashmina, two hours of hookah, and VIP parking for you and your guests.