Seattle, WA: New Food Truck Alert – Tasty Batch

By Julien Perry |


A new week, a new food truck announcement.

The newest one is called Tasty Batch, and the aim is waffles: sweet and savory ones that are healthy. Yes, healthy.

Carmen Lamm debuted her truck at the 420 Fest this past Saturday:

The whole idea is we have waffles that are quick bread. [Tasty Batch] is not focused on dessert waffles, but things like brioche waffles, corn bread waffles and savory toppings such as curries and chili. All of the food is all-natural. Everything is completely made from scratch, except for things like maple syrup, of course.

She does say that she plans to infuse the syrups with different flavors, but that she will remain very health conscience:

I use little sugar, and if I have to use sugar at all I try to use healthy sugar alternatives such as stevia, maple syrup, maple sugar or pure cane sugar. I’m also conscious about the types of oils being used. I try to stick with coconut, canola and butter.

Lamm, who says she’s been cooking for other people since she was 13, plans to start out serving lunch and dinner before branching out into breakfast.

Right now, she hasn’t completely figured out where to park her truck, other than she knows she wants to reach out to people who are health-driven.

I’m an anthropologist, so I’m very conscience about gathering and community. That’s another feel I want to bring to the truck; I want to be not only a place to eat good food, but a place to eat good food and be able to have good conversation with people and really have a community feel.

You can look forward to Tasty Batch serving curbside around mid-May.

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