Seattle, WA: Seattle-Tacoma Residents Can “Peel the Love” May 25-June 2

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SEATTLE —  The world’s largest banana provider is giving Seattle-Tacoma residents the chance to do something unique this summer with the beloved yellow fruit: Peel the love.

Seattle-Tacoma is one of eight cities selected for the first-ever Peel the Love Summer Food Truck Tour, a 4,800-mile, 102-day journey organized by DOLE® Bananas to bring delectable new summer recipes, serving suggestions and free samples to healthy-eating fans coast-to-coast. The pink-and-turquoise truck, created specifically for the tour, will make stops at supermarkets and other public and private venues throughout the Seattle-Tacoma area including after-school centers and other nonprofit organizations.

Scheduled public stops in the Seattle-Tacoma area include:

The truck will also visit the North Seattle Boys and Girls Club on May 28 to offer fun nutritional advice and host games and other activities as part of the organization’s healthy eating program. This visit is not open to the public.

Co-sponsored by Blue Diamond Almond Breeze Almondmilk and Dole Packaged Foods, the Peel the Love Summer Food Truck Tour kicks-off in Seattle over Memorial Weekend and visits Sacramento, Calif.; Los Angeles; Phoenix; Houston; Des Moines, Iowa; Baltimore and Washington, D.C., before concluding in New York City on Labor Day.

Throughout the tour, Dole and Blue Diamond Almond Breeze will target health-, fitness- and lifestyle-oriented consumers and will partner with retailers to suggest new serving, pairing and entertaining options. Both brands will also reach out to registered dieticians (RDs), supermarket nutritionists, food bloggers and other influentials about the health, taste and convenience advantages of bananas, almonds and almondmilk.

The new recipes that will be available for sampling range from Banana Pineapple Coconut Smoothiesand Thai Noodle Salad with Banana Peanut Dressing to Banana Pudding PopsDOLE Banana S’moresDole Grilled Bananas and Chocolate Monkeys. Some combine DOLE Bananas with Blue Diamond Almond Breeze Almondmilk.

“We’re excited to be partnering with Blue Diamond to take our original recipes, healthy-eating tips and other fun information to banana-loving fans right where they live,” explained Bil Goldfield, communications manager of Dole Fresh Fruit. “The whole goal of the three-month exhibition is to show that, beyond their well-known health, energy, versatility and recipe benefits, bananas are simply a lot of fun.”

The Tour is part of DOLE® Bananas Peel the Love, a bold, year-long initiative stressing the fun, versatility, irreverence and universally beloved aspects of the world’s most popular fruit. In addition to showcasing new recipes and serving suggestions, Dole will introduce new ways to outreach to the more than 600,000 DOLE Banana, 800,000 Dole Packaged Foods and 122,000 Blue Diamond Almond Breeze social media fans.

“Dole and Blue Diamond are iconic brands that represent the best of fun, healthy summer eating,” said Suzanne Hagener, senior marketing manager of Blue Diamond Almond Breeze. “The Peel the Love Food Truck Tour brings some of the summer’s best eating and entertaining ideas to consumers and retailers across the country.”

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