Seattle, WA: SSFF 2013 | OFFICIAL 50 + FOOD LINE-UP

By Contributor  |  Seattle Street Food Festival


We are thrilled to announce our full roster of tasty street food vendors for our 1st ever Seattle Street Food Festival hosted in and around Cal Anderson Park on August 10th. Be it a food truck fan or an avid food forager among the locally abundant farmers markets throughout the city, you will find an amazing selection of locally produced and inspired plates to keep you fed all day long this year. This year’s selection includes a variety of favorite food trucks showcased at our annual Mobile Food Rodeo fromWhere ya At Matt, Ezell’s Express, Narwhal, Barking Frog and the irresistible gooey goodness that is Monte Cristo.

As far as carts and booths, we offer some of Seattle’s favorite local Capitol Hill haunts like Lil’ Woody’s Po Dog, Deluxe and Poquitos will be servi9ng up their own culinary creations curbside for the masses! Plus some of Seattle’s top farmers market finds like Bean Fish- Japanese Taiyaki, Mi Ranchitos Mexican Corn, Shave Ice, and so much more.

We plan to announce the participating food vendors (3) SSFF Menu items on August 1st and will be printed in our walking guide that is free at the event to find your favorite foods. Remember each food vendor will have one (1) $5 sampler plate to enjoy, allowing you to eat your way through the festival all day long.

This event is free to the general public. Stay tuned for updates on our Facebook and on Twitter fan pages.


  1. Barking Frog Mobile
  2. Bigfood Mobile
  3. Caravan Crepes
  4. Evolution Revolution
  5. Ezell’s Chicken
  6. Charlie’s Buns
  7. The Narwhal
  8. Falafel Salam
  9. Fish Basket
  10. The Grilled Cheese Experience
  11. Hallava Falafel
  12. How A Pickle Got out of Jam
  13. Jemil’s Big Easy
  14. Crisp Creperie
  15. Monte Cristo
  16. My Chef Lynn
  17. Nomad Curbside
  18. Now Make Me A Sandwich
  19. Street Donuts
  20. Street Treats
  21. Where Ya At Matt
  22. Nosh
  23. Sam Choy’s Poke
  24. Plum Bistro
  25. Djung on Wheels
  26. Fez On Wheels