SF: Outside Lands Food Gets Even Better

The huarache Alambre from El Huarache Loco - photo W. Blake Gray

By W. Blake Gray | SFWeekly.com

The huarache Alambre from El Huarache Loco - photo W. Blake Gray

Outside Lands last year had what might have been the best lineup of food purveyors ever at a music festival — not hard because at most big outdoor shows, people are happy if they can even get food.

This year the music lineup is significantly stronger than in 2010, so the pressure isn’t on the food purveyors to provide the entertainment.

And yet, the organizers have made the food options even more appealing.

The big difference is that Outside Lands has embraced the food-truck movement in a big way. While last year, most of the best food on offer was from restaurants, most of the 27 new vendors are food trucks or carts, including some of our favorites like Azalina’s, Senor Sisig and 4505 Meats.

The complete list is here. It’s really amazing, so if you’re bored by Phish (how could that ever happen?), wander over and have the huarache Alambre from El Huarache Loco.

Wine at the festival is a little more complicated. While you can just pay cash for the food, you have to buy tickets for the wine, and some plastic cupfuls cost more tickets than others. We didn’t use all our tickets last year; maybe if we dig in the back of our closet, we can come up with enough for one of Peay’s Syrahs or Lioco’s Chardonnays or Pinot Noirs. Other favorites: Bedrock Wine Co., Berkeley importer Kermit Lynch, Wind Gap and the Natural Process Alliance. Or, because we never have enough sparkling wine, Gloria Ferrer.

What, there’s music too?