Shrimpin’ Ain’t Easy!!

by Margarita Vitasa | IsItReallyThatGood
“Shrimp’n ain’t easy but it sho is fun.” That is The Shrimp Pimp Truck’s motto. It’s catchy, but is it really that good? Even though I wanted to try this truck out for my faithful followers and readers, the picture of shrimp on their truck was enough to lure me in on its own.  With my mouth salivating from that picture, I was excited to try their Shrimp Po’ Boy and the Fish and Chips. A shrimp po’ boy is one of my favorite sandwiches so I was already hoping it was good. 

Their po’ boy is tempura battered shrimp, served on a toasted French roll with baby greens, roma tomatoes and a remoulade sauce. The bread was slightly toasted so it was still soft when you bit into it. They were definitely not skimpy with the shrimp! You had shrimp with your first bite and with your last.  The batter was light and crispy and the shrimp were nicely deep fried and had a good crunch to it. It’s not your typical tempura batter. It was a little lighter and flakier. The remoulade  sauce was tangy and a little spicy. Spicier than most I’ve tried, but it was good.  The sandwich was a good size and would definitely satisfy your craving for a po’boy.
Then I got to the Fish and Chips. The  first thing I noticed was the size. The fish was about 7 inches long and the widest part about 4 inches. It was HUGE.. (mind out of the gutter, please. This is a rated G site). When eating battered fish, I don’t like how underneath the batter seems undercooked or when you rip a piece off, the batter and the fish separate from each other. Well, this didn’t happen at all.  The batter was crispy at the edges and crunchy throughout every bite.  It was a nice cut of fish. Flaky, succulent and  juicy, everything it should be. The tartar sauce was good, true to how a tartar sauce should taste, smooth, silky with a little bit of tang. 

There weren’t any real disappointments with this truck.  The chips in the Fish and Chips were a little soggy, but that’s probably because of the steam coming off the huge chunk of fish laying on top.  The prices are a bit high for a food truck but it was worth it. Surprisingly, everything tasted fresh not frozen. Even though the portions were big, they were just trying to sell size.  The food was well made.  Shrimp’n may not be easy for us normal folks, but for the Shrimp Pimp it’s a breeze.