St. Joseph, MO: Local Food Vendor Sees Success at Training Camp

By Melinda Barrett  |  St. Joe Channel


(ST. JOSEPH, Mo.) Nearly 4,000 Chiefs fans showed up to training camp on Friday. It was the largest opening practice crowd in the camp’s four-year stay in St. Joseph. For one locally owned food truck, the record crowd was a welcome sight.
The Truck Stop started off with Dunkin Donuts coffee and donuts while also grilling up their usual favorites.

The owners said Philly Cheese steaks were selling as early as 9 a.m., and they think the nice weather is only helping draw more fans for lunch and breakfast fare.

“We have the opportunity of doing breakfast and lunch, so I think it’s better and cooler, we’ve had really nice weather,” said Danna Taylor Dryer. The Truck Stop.

“We expect the same turnout, possibly better. We’ve talked to alot of local people and the lower temperatures I think will bring people out that weren’t out here before because they didn’t want the hundred degree heat,” said Lance Taylor, The Truck Stop.

Besides their Philly Cheese steaks, The Truck Stop also offers a variety of wraps and cheeseburgers. –