Staten Island, NY: Fancy Food Trucks Snub Staten I.

YUM: Luke's Lobster food truck in Manhattan. NY Post: Chad Rachman


YUM: Luke's Lobster food truck in Manhattan. NY Post: Chad Rachman

Staten Island is getting snack snubbed.

Fancy food vendors spreading across Gotham are shunning the smallest borough, with not a single food-truck owner willing to join the city’s waiting list to hawk high-end fare there, according to Health Department data.

Only 14 street-meat vendors are currently licensed to sell on Staten Island, while The Bronx, Brooklyn and Queens have all hit their max of 50 vendors each and maintain long waiting lists.

The city is even calling on vendors to apply for the $200 permits — opening the process for the first time in four years — but just in Staten Island.

So far, the gourmet grub sold from Manhattan food trucks — like kimchi fried-rice burritos, schnitzel with Sriracha mayo and grass-fed direct-from-Maine lobster rolls — has not made inroads in the overlooked borough.

“Most people in Staten Island wouldn’t want anything fancy on the street. It’s a dirty-water dog, if anything,” said James Connors, 20, a lifelong borough resident.

Whether it’s lack of foodies or foot traffic, vendors are reluctant to open up across the harbor.

“In Midtown, you set up shop and get a following,” said David Weber, president of the NYC Food Truck Association.