Stillwater, OK: Food Trucks Bring Unique Cuisine to Stillwater

Cafe Bella location

By Micah Parnell |

Cafe Bella location
Cafe Bella location

If Austin is the Mecca of food trucks, then Stillwater is probably the Sahara.

However, Diana Ward and Ali Zarrabi, the owners of the Café Bella On-Wheels, are trying to change that.

“Down on Sixth Street in Austin there are all types of food trucks, from burgers to Japanese to tacos,” Zarrabi said. “Pretty soon you will see about four or five food trucks; we have kind of found ourselves advising these new businesses.”

Currently, Café Bella is the only such establishment in Stillwater but soon there will be barbecue, Vietnamese, cupcakes and Indian food establishments, Zarrabi said.

 “The more of us there are, the stronger we are,” Zarrabi said.

Most of Café Bella’s income comes from catering, but Zarrabi looks to cities like Austin, New York and Los Angeles as examples for what is coming to Stillwater.

In those cities all the food trucks gather in one place and draw customers with a variety of dining options like a food court, Zarrabi said.

In the meantime, Ward and Zarrabi’s truck stands alone in the parking lot of the Consumer’s IGA at 909 W. Sixth Ave.

With its homemade hummus, tzatziki dressings and freshly cooked gyro sandwiches, Café Bella brings a taste of the Mediterranean to North Central Oklahoma.

Zarrabi, an Iranian immigrant, clarified that Mediterranean cuisine is an umbrella term of sorts that refers to the traditional cuisine of people ranging from Greece to Pakistan.

Café Bella is not afraid to experiment with its cuisine. It frequently combines its traditional eastern recipes with more western flavors.

Their latest concoctions include the Philly cheese-gyro sandwich and cilantro-jalapeno hummus.

Right now they’re the overly dramatic metaphor of the city on the hill. They’re the food truck on hill, standing tall as a green beacon of tastiness.

However, more food trucks are arriving by summer, Zarrabi said.

Stillwater may never be a Mecca for food trucks, but by next August it will be an oasis in the desert.