Stockton, CA: Where’s the Beef?! – Food Truck Review

by FranShawn Croft | The Pacifican

Just a few feet away from the Psy-Comm building is an inviting structure on wheels that promises to be “Fresh E.A.T (Easy Artisian Takeout).” Students are often gathered around the brightly decorated food truck, and some take advantage of the umbrella covered tables that are available for those who have time to sit and eat in between classes. Normally this is the group I would have targeted to find out their take on the victuals in question, however this time I wanted to take a personal approach.

     I had taken a look at the menu at the beginning of the semester and decided it was a bit too pricey.However this week giving in to my curious palate, I literally ate the cost. I decided to pick three items from the menu.

    The first item I devoured was the cajun fish tacos. The second taste on my list was the pulled pork, and the third was a corned beef breakfast burrito.

     I was pleasantly surprised with my tacos, and as I said before, I devoured them, however the pulled pork sandwich requested an introduction to a generous amount of Sweet Baby Ray’s Bar B Sauce before it reached its full potential, but at this point I was on a roll with my menu choices.

     I was brought to a disappointing stop when I encountered the corned beef burrito. I may be wrong, but I would like to think that a CORNED BEEF BURRITO should have more than a sliver of CORNED BEEF! I never consume food prior to inspecting it, so naturally when I sat down to enjoy my corned beef burrito I opened it up to take a peek, and to the horror of my anticipating tastebuds it was full of eggs and hashbrowns, and I honestly had to search for the meat! This menu choice was the epitome of an EPIC FAIL! I don’t know if this experience was an isolated event, and really it doesn’t matter to me.

     With the economic environment being what it is, I want what I pay for. It is already a task being a student trying to balance things out financially, so don’t short change me. My question was and still is “Where’s the Beef?” When I decide to treat myself I want my money’s worth.

CAJUN FISH TACOS: Two thumbs up

PULLED PORK: One thumb up

CORNED BEEF BURRITO: Three thumbs down. I know I only have two thumbs but I was hoping you’d lend me one of yours to stress my point.