Street Food: How Does Cobra on a Stick Sound?

Aha, the market specialty: Snake on a Stick! Oh, I must have misunderstood that for "Steak on a Stick". I think I'll pass on this one. Still hungry though.

By Lonely Planet | The Guardian

Aha, the market specialty: Snake on a Stick! Oh, I must have misunderstood that for “Steak on a Stick”. I think I’ll pass on this one. Still hungry though.

MONTREAL – Many cities are known for their street food, with the taste, smells and spills of quickly eaten snacks ingrained in people’s memories of a place.

Montreal street food is largely absent from this sensorial map because of a bylaw in force since 1947. It’s something the city says it is now thinking about changing.

Other cities have a rich menu of street foods: New York City is famous for its pretzel, hot dog and gelato carts. The smell of roasted chestnuts wafting down streets, especially at Christmastime, is a well-known lure.

Solo, on the island of Java, is famous for its warungs, or carts on wheels, where cooks slice up live cobras, fry the meat and serve it on wood skewers. Other quick eats include the nasi gudeg (unripe jackfruit served with rice, chicken and spices).

Paris has great street crêpes, especially in and around the bustling Montparnasse train station. A late-night favourite, for two or three euros apiece, is the Nutella and banana combination.

Mexico City’s street food is known for its late-night ambience of lighted stands and lively music. Tacos al Pastor is considered one of the first fusion foods, as it is a cross between a Middle Eastern shawarma and guajillo-rubbed grilled pork.

Delhi, India, is where you can find Daulat ki chart, a sweet snack sold on the street. Whipped, sweetened milk is topped with saffron and, sometimes, an edible leaf called varq.

WHAT TICKLES YOUR TASTEBUDS? The city of Montreal will study having more street food vendors and what type; and new rules could be out by fall, it says. What snacks would you like to be able to buy on the street? Weigh in at or on The Gazette’s Facebook page.