Superior, WI: Twin Ports entrepreneurs learn how to get in on the food truck craze

By Kevin Jacobsen  | North Lands News Center

The growing popularity of food trucks has many wanting to learn how to start their own in the Twin Ports.

On Monday, several organizations came together at the Yellowjacket Union, at the University of Wisconsin Superior, to help some 60 entrepreneurs start their own food truck business.

Experts say food trucks are a great test market for a future restaurant concept without the financial risk.

The average cost of starting a truck is between a few thousand dollars and about $20,000.

“We’re seeing a major shift where people are looking to increase and start their own venture and become entrepreneurs themselves and they’re looking at any different idea that they can. And we’re seeing a shift in the dynamic of people not wanting to start in restaurants right away but looking at the food truck option as their first venture because it is a lower cost of entry.”

You can try food trucks like Chow Haul, the Rambler and Mrs. Delicious during the summer at the Duluth Library.