Sydney, AU: Sydney Food Trucks Roll On

By Inside Retail Contributor  |  Inside Retail Magazine


The City of Sydney has confirmed it will extend the trial of Sydney’s food trucks until March 2014, following its success since first rolling out in May 2012.

The extension will give all nine participating trucks a full year of operation, after some operators took longer than expected to hit the streets.

Suzie Matthews, the City’s manager, business precincts, late night economy and safe city, said a recent customer research survey of 400 participants indicated the food trucks were a positive addition to Sydney.

“More than a third of people using food trucks are eating out when they would otherwise have been eating at home and the benefits from that flow on to other business, like shops and small bars,” Matthews said.

“This is about generating new activity in the city, not taking away from existing food businesses. The food truck operators have invested large amounts to get their businesses rolling and they pay fixed costs like wages and rent for a place to store and prepare food just like any other food business.

“There are some areas of the city where food trucks are not a viable option, such as Kings Cross. But where they have been operating they have brought more options to more people, and proved hugely popular.”

“This research shows people have taken food trucks to heart and they’re now an acclaimed part of our night-time city,” Lord Mayor Clover Moore said.

“In less than a year, these small businesses have gone from scratch to become a popular addition to the city’s food scene. They’ve created their own community and brought new life and new business to the city.

“Food trucks were an idea people came up with when we consulted Sydney-siders about what they wanted for their city at night.

“The trucks are not allowed to operate within 50m of a comparable food business, so they take food to places that aren’t already well serviced,” Clover Moore said.–8314.aspx